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Goldstar provides an excellent range of sports supplements for ladies, from fat burners to weight gain supplements we have something that will suit you no matter what your workout aims are. Not all bodybuilding supplements are designed for muscle building and if you use supplementation correctly in addition to a healthy diet and lifestyle, you could have wonderfully toned and lean muscles.

Women's supplements are designed differently to men's in order to give you the best physique for your body structure whether you are looking to bulk up or slim down and become more toned. Women have different needs to men when it comes to sports nutrition due to the fact their bodies work differently. There are still similarities between the products like whey protein and creatine, however there will be less supplements with testosterone in and more aimed at women's body and the ways in which her hormones work.
Check our online store for details and how to order your ladies supplements direct from Goldstar.


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    100% Whey Isolate is an excellent quality protein from whey isolate and fortified with even faster absorbing whey hydrolysate. This formula is lower in carbohydrates than ever before! Generally whey “isolate” proteins are produced to have a higher percentage of protein than whey “concentrates”, which also means that “isolates” have lower sugar (including lactose) and fat content! Dietary proteins are the source of nitrogen and essential amino acids, which the body requires for tissue growth and maintenance. Therefore 100% Whey Isolate contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass, and also to the maintenance of normal bones*. Whey protein from milk is a so-called complete protein, because it provides the body with all the necessary types of amino acids, including the 9 amino acids the body cannot synthesize and must be supplied by the diet (i.e. Histidine, Isoleucine, Leucine, Lysine, Methionine, Phenylalanine, Threonine, Tryptophan, Valine).  
  2. OxyLean 1-3D 90 Caps

    OxyLean 1-3D utilizes a comprehensive, multi-layered ingredient approach to fat loss, each capsule is powerful and fast acting. Just one capsule will cause insane mental alertness and send your appetite through the floor as well as increasing your core temperature like no other pill on the market! CAN YOU HANDLE IT? • ACCELERATED FAT LOSS • INSANELY THERMOGENIC • MAXIMUM APPETITE SUPPRESSION • ENHANCES MOOD, ENERGY AND FOCUS3D

40 SERVINGS PER BOTTLE! Collagen is a group of naturally occurring proteins found in animals, especially in the flesh and connective tissues of vertebrates. It’s a tough, fibrous protein that’s an important constituent of connective tissues present in bones, cartilages, tendons, ligaments, skin, nails and hair. Our hydrolysed - already broken down - liquid formula provides quickly utilizable Collage. Vitamin B6 is also added to the formula, which plays a role in normal energy-yielding, protein and glycogen metabolism*.

*These statements have been scientifically proven and authorized by the European Food Safety Authority.
  4. BioTech USA Hyaluronic & Collagen 30 caps

    HYALURONIC ACID AND COLLAGEN FILLED IN CAPSULES. IN 1 SERVING: ▪ 60 mg Hyaluronic Acid ▪ 280 mg Collagen
  5. NRG Fuel SuperTonic Recovery Hydrate 967g

    Be the first to fine the Golden Ticket. NRG Fuel have Hidden 11 Golden Tickets in this new Product. Theres: 10x £100 Vouchers + 1X £250 Cash to be WON!!! Don't Miss Out!!! NRGFUEL SuperTonic is our Amazing NEW BCAA's & Glutamine + Hydr8, giving you round-the-clock recovery and hydration. Available in two great tasting flavours; Blackcurrrant and Blue Raspberry. NRGFUEL SuperTonic is a great tasting recovery and hydration drink. Use throughout the day to help you fuel and optimize your workouts. Recover+Hydr8 has been scientifically formulated consisting of our instantised BCAA (2:1:1 ratio), pure glutamine with the added benefits of key electrolytes helping to replenish and maintain fluid levels leading to a complete re-hydration formula. NRGFUEL SuperTonic comes in a 976g tub and contains 31 servings.
  6. Anabolic Designs Heart + 90 Caps

    Designed to increase natural circulation of the heart, improving blood flow to and from this vital organ to support cellular health throughout the cardiovascular system. • Designed to Increase Natural Circulation • Contains Key Vitamins & Minerals • With Hawthorn Berry & Guggul Lipid
  7. REDCON1 - Silencer - 120 Caps

    Redcon1 has been on a bit of a roll lately, as in the last month it has really been bringing it in terms of new supplements. First we got the non-hormonal muscle builder Halo last month, then earlier this month fans were treated to the amino spin-off Breach Ballistic.
  8. Anabolic Designs H2O Remoove 84 Caps

    Anabolic Designs H20 Remoove is a natural diuretic supplement. It may be of particular use to those who appear in bodybuilding shows or in photoshoots. Anabolic Designs H20 Remoove contains Caffiene and is therefore not suitable for pregnant women or children. H20 Remoove is the a potent natural diuretic water management system, designed to reveal a drier, leaner and more vascular physique by removing excess water trapped underneath the skin. Unlike other water management supplements and diuretics on the market, H20 Remoove is completely safe to use with no harmful side-effects due to its potassium sparing effects and little reliance on stimulants. This ensures minimal cramping and maximal cuts of definition without unwanted heart palpitations. H20 Remoove is perfect for individuals in a hurry to improve their body composition such as dieting for a bodybuilding show, physique competition or photoshoot yet without an enormous time to diet.
  9. Rosie Rascal Amino Spark

    Rosie Rascal Amino Spark is a blend of Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s), Ashwagandha & Matcha Green Tea. We have also added Vitamin C which contributes to the reduction of tiredness & fatigue & to maintain the normal function of the immune system during and after intense physical exercise, and Vitamin B6 which contributes to the reduction of tiredness & fatigue.

  10. Anabolic Designs Grazed 456g

    Grazed™ is a unique combination of muscle building amino acids and greens super food. Grazed™ is designed to support the constant physical teardown associated with high intensity training phases. This type of extreme training can increase acidosis, deplete muscle building amino acids and lower your natural immune system responses. The AD Elite series is focused on supporting these needs by creating a product you can take to address each of these major concerns, and avoid limiting your hard earned gains. Fortified with a high potency 8:1:1 branched chain amino acid (leucine,isoleucine,valine), including 4grams of Instantized L-Leucine, to deliver muscle building blocks back into your body. One key targeted issue is the high acidity often associated with intense weight training and muscle tear down. Supporting your body with high nutrient rich greens and super foods like Kale, Spirulina and Icelandic Kelp powder, may help to balance and combat some of the acidity. A balance pH level may influence a healthier living, energy and muscle recovery. To boost the immune responses, the Training Defense blends supplies natural pomegranate and vitamin c to help your body’s natural immune responses. To improve the digestion and efficiency of Grazed™, Cold milled flax meal powder, Triphala and enzymes will help assimilate the high dose of greens. Grazed™ is the product you take because your muscle gains are very important to you. You are looking for that unique product to increase your recovery time, give you more natural energy and anabolic edge. Enjoy the benefits of gluten free green super foods, anabolic amino acids and natural recovery support.
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