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Platinum Labs Creatine 500g

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Quick Overview

Essential Micronized Creatine Monohydrate gives you what you need to train with high intensity to build big muscle and improve your physical performance. A high energy molecule stored within cells, Essential Creatine supplies your fast-twitch muscle fibres with immediate energy, ensuring that they don’t prematurely fatigue mid-workout.

In fact, without your body’s natural creatine energy production,high-intensity bouts of exercise would not be possible at all. A natura lincreaser of myosin, creatine naturally aids the production of proteins that convert chemical energy to mechanical.

By supplementing your creatine levels, you’re following scientifically proven steps to enhance your 1RM and single-effort sprints, as well as your performance during repetitive interval training and high intensity exercise.

But creatine doesn’t just power your workout – it helps you recover by promoting greater gains in lean muscle mass and muscle fibre size, boosting maximal strength and power, enhancing bone regeneration and greater recovery following endurance activity.

And we’ve micronized our creatine to make these energy molecules smaller and easier for your muscles to absorb. The micronizing process makes our Essential Creatine purer than standard creatine monohydrate too, and more effective as a result. Plus, this ease of digestion reduces any chances of stomach discomfort and bloating that other creatine products can cause, making it an Essential supplement for your training regime.

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