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Amino Spark is a blend of Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA's), Ashwagandha & Matcha Green Tea. We have also added Vitamin C which contributes to the reduction of tiredness & fatigue & to maintain the normal function of the immune systemduring and after intense physical exercise. We have also added Vitamin B6 which contributes to the reduction of tiredness & fatigue. Why did I want to create the Rascal Range? Having come from a dancing background, and now a professional athlete, I know the importanceof giving your body the right fuel. Not only to excel physically but also to have the motivation, energy & mental resilience to get moving. It has become my deepest passion to help people discover a happier & more fulfilled life through healthy nutrition, supplementation & fitness. So the Rascal Rangeis one of my many tools I'd like to share with the world to help other ladies live the life they deserve. To try & target wellness of the body, mind & soul. I realised that to reach one's potential we have to get the balance & pay attention to all three. Each ingredient has been picked carefully through personal experience and in-depth research, to create real results. I only wanted the finest quality ingredients, each having a genuine purpose, & together working in synergy. I worked with the best research & development team, raw ingredient suppliers & flavour houses to bring the range to you, so everyone can be a little more Rosie Rascal.

Rosie Rascal

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