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  1. Platinum Labs Acetyl L-Carnitine 200g

    Essential Acetyl-L-Carnitine is an amino acid that can increase cellular energy production, boost physical and mental energy, enhance mood, increase fat metabolism, limit fat gains and enable a cleaner and leaner bulk.

     Reportedly most effective in its acetylated form, carnitine is proven to transport lipids and fatty acids into your cell’s mitochondria – your cellular organelles where the biochemical processes of respiration and energy production occur. By getting the fat here, acetyl l-carnitine actively encourages excess body fat to breakdown inside your cells, making it the perfect supplement for working towards a healthy and lean figure.

     Acetyl l-carnitine promotes aerobic endurance by encouraging fatty acids and other fats to enter the mitochondria and increases the amount of fat that’s available to be produced into energy. Plus, you’ll be burning body fat instead of carbs and increasing your fat-burning by up to 55% during low-intensity cardio.

     During higher intensity training, acetyl l-carnitine has been proven to lower lactic acid levels and boost natural creatine production, powering performance for longer, increasing muscle size and strength gains and aiding post-workout recovery. And carnitine increases the amount of testosterone receptors inside muscle cells, stimulating muscle growth and enabling greater strength gains.

  2. Platinum Labs Creatine 500g

    Essential Micronized Creatine Monohydrate gives you what you need to train with high intensity to build big muscle and improve your physical performance. A high energy molecule stored within cells, Essential Creatine supplies your fast-twitch muscle fibres with immediate energy, ensuring that they don’t prematurely fatigue mid-workout.

    In fact, without your body’s natural creatine energy production,high-intensity bouts of exercise would not be possible at all. A natura lincreaser of myosin, creatine naturally aids the production of proteins that convert chemical energy to mechanical.

    By supplementing your creatine levels, you’re following scientifically proven steps to enhance your 1RM and single-effort sprints, as well as your performance during repetitive interval training and high intensity exercise.

    But creatine doesn’t just power your workout – it helps you recover by promoting greater gains in lean muscle mass and muscle fibre size, boosting maximal strength and power, enhancing bone regeneration and greater recovery following endurance activity.

    And we’ve micronized our creatine to make these energy molecules smaller and easier for your muscles to absorb. The micronizing process makes our Essential Creatine purer than standard creatine monohydrate too, and more effective as a result. Plus, this ease of digestion reduces any chances of stomach discomfort and bloating that other creatine products can cause, making it an Essential supplement for your training regime.

  3. Platinum Labs Glutamine 500g

    Platinum Lab’s Essential Glutamine is a naturally-occurring amino acid that can promote muscle growth, protect against muscle wasting, boost performance, improve recovery post-workout and protect against over-training syndrome.

    Despite already being produced in the body, strenuous exercise can cause a 40% drop in your natural glutamine levels, leading to a suppressed immune system and putting you at risk of over-training syndrome by exhausting your body’s ability to fight infection and disease.

    This drop in cellular glutamine can create a muscle-wasting state too, where your body uses muscle tissue for energy rather than available carbohydrates. But by supplementing your glutamine levels, you can prevent this and help your body build extra muscle mass, not just protect it.

    Glutamine can enable better muscle recovery too, especially after intense weight-lifting sessions. Proven to improve muscle hydration, it aids in the muscle recovery process and boosts human growth hormone secretion by up to 400%, giving you faster and stronger muscle growth, increasing your resting metabolic rate and improving the after-burn effect post-exercise, essential for burning fat, dropping weight and sculpting lean muscle.

    Essential Glutamine can help with what you eat by suppressing insulin levels and stabilizing blood glucose. This enables your body to use less muscle mass to maintain blood sugar and stabilises insulin sensitivity in your cells, curbing your cravings for sugar and alcohol, making that clean diet a little easier and bringing a PHENOMENAL body one step closer.

  4. Platinum Labs Black Ops Pump Preworkout 201g


    How does it work? L- Taurine and choline bitartrate work to promote mental focus and alertness to prevents fatigue during your workout. Nitrosigine and Glycine Propionyl L-Carnitine  (GPLC) encourage healthy cardiovascular function, regulate blood pressure whilst increasing endurance, and boost your metabolism all while increasing power output by as much as 15%.

    The trademarked and completely natural Agmatine Sulfate (AGmass™) cranks up your natural growth hormone and creatine production to improve muscular strength helping you train harder and get faster results. HydroMax, a 65% glycerol powder, can prevent dehydration and promote endurance by helping your body store water. Avoiding dehydration and fluid loss during your training session means your athletic performance is maximized.

    Platinum Labs BLACK OPS is the most advanced non-stimulant Nitric Oxide pre-workout ever formulated and a single use will be enough to convince you to never go back. It can also be stacked with your favorite stimulant based product (such as Platinum Labs Defcon-1 or Awaken) to completely change your workout experience. With 5 high performing and proven muscle engorging ingredients BLACK OPS will give you the best workout experience of your life.

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4 Item(s)