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Like most people, we spent the early years of our training careers beating our heads against the same proverbial wall as every other athlete looking for the magic “secret”. We know the pain and frustration of being skinny, weak, and feeling inferior.

After trying every new supplement and training program we could find, we realized that each athlete (us included) faced the same three problems: 1) Too much B.S.! It’s nearly impossible to know where to go or who you can trust for real unbiased information about what works and what doesn’t, 2) Not having the genetics or “pharmaceutical” connections it takes to become an elite competitor. 3) Lack of quality products that meet label claims…and actually work!

It continued to get more and more frustrating. Then one day, we decided we’d had enough. That’s when we decided to create a company that could help athletes everywhere overcome these three problems listed above: All American EFX.

All American EFX

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