Chitosan is a compound substance derived from chitin, which is a biopolymer found in the shells of crustaceans like lobsters, crabs and prawns. It is structurally similar to cellulose, the plant fibre, but has its own unique qualities that set it apart. Research has shown that it can offer many health benefits, helping to reduce cholesterol, aiding digestive functioning and guarding the body against inflammation. It's also useful for people who are looking to lose weight.



The weight loss benefits come from the fact that chitosan is lipophilic, which means it has the ability to bind to fat molecules. As the chitosan is indigestible, these bound molecules are then transported out of the digestive system rather than being laid down as fat cells. In other words, it can help to prevent the fats from the foods you eat from being stored in your body, reducing the risk of putting on weight. Chitosan has long been a renowned substance in the world of dieting and fitness, and as technology and purity improves, more and more manufacturers are incorporating it in their weight loss supplements. In many cases, they are combining it with other ingredients to enhance the effects.



One great example is Chitosan Fat Blocker from top supplement makers NRG Fuel. Made with high quality chitosan, calcium hydrogen phosphate and magnesium stearate, these capsules are perfect to take before meals and make a great accompaniment to a healthy diet and exercise routine.  Each capsule can bind fat up to seven times its size, potentially providing a fantastic boost to your weight loss efforts. As the chitosan is derived from crustaceans, this product is not suitable for vegetarians, but anyone else on a diet can benefit from its effects. It's available to buy in our online shop for an affordable price, so why not take a look?