All active people, bodybuilders and exercise enthusiasts know the importance of obtaining the right nutrients, particularly protein, and supplements offer a convenient way to give your body exactly what it needs. Whey protein is one of the most popular supplements for bodybuilders and anyone else who wishes to transform their unwanted body fat into a lean, muscular figure, providing a perfect complement to your exercise and healthy eating regime. Whey is derived from cow's milk, and has been found to offer many fantastic benefits to the human body!

All whey flavours

 It's an extremely high-quality form of protein, and offers all the essential amino acids your body needs to burn fat and build muscle, helping you to lose weight and achieve the body you want without sacrificing muscle mass. Compared to other types of protein, it's easily digestible, so your body can use it swiftly and efficiently, and a diet whey shake can be used as a meal replacement for those who are trying to shed fat. If you're searching for a quality diet whey supplement, Allmax Allwhey classic is a brilliant choice.

Delivering a completely pure scoop of whey protein in each and every serving and supplying all the essential branched chain and essential amino acids when they're needed the most, this is one of the most outstanding products in the Allmax range. This innovative product also incorporates NitriCore technology, designed to give a huge boost to nitrogen retention levels in your muscle tissue. This gives your body the ability to enjoy increased muscle building during training, and protects your hard-earned muscle tissue from being lost during recovery.

Allwhey has a reduced lactose content, allows lactose-sensitive individuals to benefit from whey, and its Whey Microfractions enhance the easily-digestible qualities of the protein. With its great taste and ability to mix into a shake instantly, this is one of the best diet whey products available, and is currently available to buy in our online store.