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Goldstar supplements for fat loss.muscle gain.stength enhacement.

Who We Are

Goldstar Supplements is the North Easts leading bodybuilding and health supplement store guaranteed to offer you the very best discounted prices for top products. Dedicated to anyone who’s serious about fitness, Goldstar Supplements have built up a reputation for knowing what’s right for your body, whether you’re a bodybuilder, weight-lifter or just a dedicated gym fanatic. Part of the nationally recognised Goldstar Gym based in Newcastle upon Tyne and training base to many body building champions, Goldstar Supplements is run by fitness experts with years of experience and personal knowledge of what it takes to be the best.

Having listened to gym members, fitness enthusiasts and body building champions alike, we know that the right nutritional products are essential to aid the development of body building, body sculpting and health and fitness well being. So, to make sure that you are being given the chance to buy the best sports nutrition and bodybuilding supplements the market can offer and at the best prices, we developed Goldstar Supplements Ltd. We have brought together a complete range of quality nutritional products to provide you with all of your dietary requirements including fat loss, muscle gain, strength enhancement and the best protein and carbohydrate supplements.

If you are looking to enhance your physical appearance then Goldstar Supplements has a complete range of bodybuilding supplements and sports nutrition products that will complement any discipline or workout routine. The products Goldstar Supplements supply will provide you with the most complete and comprehensive range of high quality nutritional supplements at fantastically reduced prices.

We spent time speaking with a cross section of gym members including tri-athletes, Iron Man competitors and our own, in-house champions to find out what they want from a supplement. After discussing the benefits of each product with many of the premiere suppliers, we have selected a complete range of great tasting supplements at the very best prices to provide you with the best brands in the market such as ISO2, Met-rx, Sci-Mentor and U Boss. Our reputation as health supplements suppliers to some of the finest athletes means that we can secure online deals that give you the benefit of being able to buy the best discount sports and bodybuilding supplements with no reduction in the quality.

Our aim is to be YOUR outlet for YOUR requirements and for us to provide YOU with the most comprehensive and specific nutritional products.

We are dedicated to providing our customers with a wide range top quality brands and sports supplements at the very best prices without any hassle!