Thermogenic fat burning pills can aid weight loss

If you are adjusting your diet and exercise plan in order to burn unwanted fat and lose weight, the goal is to ensure you are burning more calories than you are taking in. Thermogenic foods and supplements can aid this process by aiding calorie burning and boosting the metabolism, spurring your body on to burn fat more efficiently and enhancing your weight loss efforts. Continue reading

A supplement with an impressive history

L-Carnitine first arrived on the supplement market in the 1980s and earned itself a fantastic reputation as a fat burner. Its popularity diminished slightly with the creation of stimulant based products, but it made a resurgence and has now firmly established itself. It can be used to help reduce fat if you are cutting and to gain leaner mass if you are bulking up. Continue reading

Supplements to target stubborn fat stores

Subcutaneous fat is different to intramuscular and visceral fat. In females it is most often found around the hips and thighs, and in men it often shows itself in the stomach and “love handles”. When dealing with stubborn areas of fat, it is important to realise the difference between targeting of the fat and spot reduction. The latter involves exercising one particular area of the body, whereas focusing on losing stubborn fat involves a combination of exercise, diet and supplementation. Continue reading

Extreme Labs T5 is a gender neutral fat burner

There are clear differences between men and women in terms of how we burn fat. In order to support pregnancy and childbirth, women are genetically designed to have a lower percentage of muscle and more body fat than men. This means that men naturally have a higher percentage of muscle, which means they need more calories than a woman of a similar weight. As women have less muscle than men, they inevitably have a lower based metabolic rate. Continue reading

Are you getting enough greens in your diet?

A healthy diet is crucial if you want to lose weight, build muscle, or improve your performance in the gym or when doing a specific activity. Green leafy vegetables should be a vital part of any weight loss plan because they are packed with vitamins and fibre while also being low in calories. They are great for maintaining a healthy heart, and also play a big part in helping to build muscles. Continue reading

The most powerful way to suppress your food cravings

When it comes to weight loss, dealing with your appetite is one of the biggest challenges. Fortunately, there are many products available which can help to reduce hunger and suppress the urge to overeat or snack on unhealthy foods. One of the best is PhenOriginal 375, the most powerful fat burner and appetite suppressant you can buy in the UK without a prescription. Continue reading

Anabolic Triad offers a triple testosterone boost

Within a very short space of time, the Platinum Labs brand has gone from being a promising newcomer in the supplements market to being the benchmark which all others are evaluated against. The brand has collected many awards, including recognition from the prestigious Arnold Classic, and this has been backed up by many success stories from lifters and bodybuilders who have tried the range of Platinum Labs products. Continue reading