Trust your animal instinct

If you’re a bodybuilder looking for pre workout supplements such as fat burners, your first instinct is going to be to consider what is used by the successful bodybuilders you admire. Those instincts will usually lead you to the Animal range from Universal Nutrition. It has been the multivitamin of choice by bodybuilders over the course of four decades. If this wasn’t enough to confirm its credentials, it has also won the coveted Multivitamin Of The Year award for an unprecedented six years in a row. Continue reading

Reaching the pinnacle of bodybuilding success

The Mr Olympia Title has become the ultimate symbol of success for bodybuilders around the world, and something many lifting enthusiasts aspire to reach. This is a highly respected title, so when a Mr Olympia winner puts their name to a product, the bodybuilding world pays close attention. This is especially true when the winner in question is Ronnie Coleman, who was crowned Mr Olympia eight years in a row and has many other bodybuilding titles and accolades to his name. Continue reading

Maximising your BCAA intake

Branch chain amino acids are vital for muscle growth, because the acids are essentially the building blocks of the tissue. People looking to bulk up in the gym know they need the right nutrition plan to support their exercise activities. This can be difficult when bulking up because you would need to be eating far more frequently to get the nutrients you need, potentially disrupting your gym time. Supplements offer a more convenient solution, providing purer nutrients that will be absorbed faster. Continue reading

Tackling stubborn fat stores

When your aim is to lose weight, you may notice that you shed fat in certain parts of your body more quickly than in others. Men tend to have difficulty with fat stores in their stomachs and lower backs, whereas women often find it more difficult to lose weight from their thighs and hips. Stubborn stores occur because of the type of receptors in the fat; stores with more beta-receptors are easier to burn and transform into energy, whereas alpha-receptors are much more resistant. Continue reading

Ramp up your sex drive with vitamin D supplements

When someone experiences a decreased sex drive for no apparent reason, it can be extremely confusing and frustrating. It is probably fair to say that the majority of us would be unlikely to link a lack of sexual appetite to a vitamin deficiency, but the fact is that inadequate amounts of vitamin D cause low oestrogen in women and low testosterone in men, which can lead to a reduced libido for both. Continue reading

Saving on calories from mayo, sauces and dressings

When following a controlled diet with the intention of losing weight or building muscle, it is important to be aware of the foods we are eating, but also to stay wary of the condiments and other extra touches we add. Even the healthiest salads and vegetables can be transformed into a calorific dish with the addition of dressings and sauces, so it’s crucial to be aware of what you are adding to your meals when you are trying to burn fat by reducing calorie intake and upping your exercise. Continue reading

Boosting mass gain with the use of supplements

Being underweight can be equally as unhealthy as being overweight, and can lead to a number of health complications including an impaired immune system and sarcopenia (muscle wasting due to ageing). For some people it can be very difficult to gain mass, even if they eat a nutririous diet and lead an active lifestyle. The simple trick is generally to ensure you consume more energy than you burn. This should help you to build healthy muscle during exercise as well as gaining essential fat stores. Continue reading

Protein helps athletes fight ACL knee injuries

Studies have shown that women appear to be at greater risk of knee injuries than men. Initially, this was attributed to the differences in muscular and skeletal structure, but further studies have discovered differences in the way males and females transmit the nerve impulses that control muscle force. Research has shown that nerve impulses in the female body are similar to those of an endurance trained athlete, such as a distance runner, whereas men control their nerve impulses in a similar way to those trained for explosive muscle usage, like a sprinter. Continue reading

Fruit, vegetables and fat burners can facilitate healthy weight loss

As we are all aware, fruit and vegetables play an important part in healthy living, providing us with a host of essential nutrients while generally being low in calories. This means they can be especially helpful when aiming to lose weight. To successfully lose weight you need to burn more calories than you consume, and once you understand which fruits and vegetables are the lowest in calories and highest in fibre, you can structure a beneficial fat burning programme to help you shed unwanted weight. Continue reading

Epistane has a powerful anabolic effect

If you are searching for pro hormones to enhance the effects of testosterone in your body, you may wish to consider introducing epistane to your regime. This is one of the world’s most popular pro hormones and anabolic agents, thanks to the many fantastic benefits it can bring to your workout and its powerful yet safe anabolic effect on the body. If you’re aiming for dry, lean muscle gains, epistane could be a great choice. Continue reading